We realize it has been quite a while since you last heard from us and we are sorry, but we have been very busy reading short story contest entries and thinking about the special Narrative and Science issue due out this fall/winter. Speaking of the short story contest, the finalists have been selected and are now in the capable hands of the venerable Lee K. Abbott. We hope to have his decision soon so that we may inform the world of the 2007 short story contest winner. We are very excited to find out which finalist he chooses.  In other contest news, the deadline for The Journals Alumni Flash Prose Contest is fast approaching. If you’re an alum, and you have a short story or essay that clocks in at or under 500 wds. send it to us postmarked by September 30th. Check our homepage for more details: http://english.osu.edu/research/journals/thejournal  We promise not to stay away so long next time. It’s nothing personal. In fact, we missed you. So, upcoming posts may not be pertinent, but they will be frequent, we promise.  


311cover.jpgWe here at The Journal would like to announce the spring/summer issue, volume 31.1 for those keeping score. We are very excited about this issue, as we are about all issues. They are like children to us, and we don’t play favorites. This is the second issue to sport our new full-bleed cover configuration, and featuring artwork by Felicia van Bork. Between these beautifully rendered covers, you’ll find many literary treats to savor, including the contest winners of the William Allen Creative Nonfiction Prize and the OSU Alumni Flash Writing Contest. And it just gets better with several pieces of short fiction, and a number of excellent poems. If you are lucky enough to subscribe to The Journal, it should be in your mailbox shortly, oh so shortly. If you don’t subscribe, why not? Give us a try. You can write us a nice letter, or you can subscribe on-line:


OSU Libraries Readaloud invites you to join us from 3-4pm this Thursday at the Wexner Center as the Ohioana Library hosts this week’s program featuring The Journal editors and staff reading from their all-time favorite prose and poetry ever published in The Journal. The Journal, and its co-editors, Kathy Fagan and Michelle Herman, recieved the Ohioana Library’s Editorial Excellence Award in 2004.

Founded by Bill Allen and edited for many years by David Citino, The Journal is celebrating its 33rd year of publication. Please join us at the Wexner Cafe to hear editors Doug Watson, Pablo Tanguay, Jen Town, Brock Kingsley, Kathy Fagan, and former associate editor Jason Gray as they share a variety of wonderful readings from
The Journal.

Special guest star Don Pollock, whose first published story appeared in The Journal and whose collection, Knockemstiff, is being published by Doubleday next spring, will be on hand, as will several other surprise readers. Refreshments are provided for our audience and all are welcome to attend.

Visiting Writer


johnedgarwideman.jpgOn May 16th, John Edgar Wideman will be reading at the Wexner Center Film and Video Theater. Mr. Wideman is the author of twenty books, and most recently God’s Gym. He has won numerous awards and prizes including an O’Henry Award, and the Rhea Prize for short fiction. We are very excited to have Mr. Wideman here, and can’t wait to hear him read. We here at The Journal really like his writing. If you are in the area, and by area we mean same time zone, you should stop in. The Journal will be there, and if you see us you should say hello. The reading begins at 7:30. It is sure to draw a big crowd and will no doubt fill up quickly.

– xo The Journal

Come on out–this Thursday, May 10, that is–to Barley’s Brew Pub in the Short North to hear OSU MFA poets and prosers read from their work. It’s the last “Mother Tongue” reading of the schoolyear! The readers will include The Journal’s current and incoming associate fiction editors! There will be beer! The event starts at 8pm! I like exclamation marks!!!

Journal contributor Steven Wingate’s short story collection Wifeshopping has won the 2007 Bakeless Award from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference (judged by Amy Hempel). Wifeshopping, which includes the Journal’s 2006 short story contest winner, “Me and Paul,” will be published by Houghton Mifflin in 2008. Well done, Steven!

We here at The Journal have an important announcement to make, and that announcement has to do with the William Allen Creative Nonfiction Prize. Our judge, Robin Hemley, had an exceptionally difficult time choosing the winner, seeing as there were so many fine essays. But in the end he selected Connie Vaughn’s essay, “Finding Oz,” as the champion.

And this is what Mr. Hemley has to say about “Finding Oz”:
“One of the things I admired about ‘Finding Oz’ was its technical control. I also admired the subtle turns in the piece and the way in which it combined research with a personal narrative, how it went from a public/personal disaster to a story about a father/daughter relationship. Really a strong piece!”

The Journal would like to congratulate Connie Vaughn on her wonderful essay. We would also like to congratulate the seven finalists, and two honorable mentions of this year’s creative nonfiction contest.

Honorable Mention:
Deborah Thompson, “The Half-life of Hope”
Ashley McCullough, “Zero Tolerance

Jean Braithwaite, “Time Slices: My Body Fat and Thin”
Joseph L. Ozment, “A Moment in Time”
Sunshine O’Donnell, “Placement”
Gwen Weerts, “The Greatest Show on Earth”
Elizabeth Browne, “Nonpersons”
Edgar Martinez Schulz, “Thanksgiving”
Andrew D. Cohen, “7G”

We would like to thank all of the writers who entered this year’s William Allen Creative Nonfiction Prize, and encourage you to enter next year’s contest as well.

And just as a side note, May 1st is the deadline for The Journal’s Short Story Prize judged by the venerable Lee K. Abbott.